Framed and on the Run


Snake men, boats, and murder!

First, Lucan finishes his lifelong apprenticeship as a wizard by completing the tasks given to him by his master. Lucan must brew Bloodroot Poison, write an essay on the Shadowfell, and defeat a summoned guardian. As Lucan breezes through the tests, his master congratulates him on becoming a wizard. Lucan sets off to sail to the great city of Dawnvale in search of adventure.

Abraxus, a dragonborn paladin, is acting as a holy defender of the Church of Erathis. After defending his town of Moonhold, he is reassigned to protect Erathis’ church in the city of Dawnvale.

Erdan, a noble elf from the elvish tree village of Oakenfall, convinces his father to let him travel to Dawnvale in search of a seat at the Barons table as a royal explorer. After recieving his father’s blessing, Erdan packs his things and sets off for Dawnvale.

All three find themselves aboard the same ship, the Lightseeker III, which becomes overrun with snake-like humanoids. In the middle of the fight, a ravage storm hits the boat knocking everyone over in the fray. Eventually everyone is knocked unconscious as the boat is beached near Dawnvale. The three are found by royal guard and escorted to the Baron to tell them of the attack. During their feast, the Baron drops dead of poisoning. After they searched the feast attendees, the Bloodroot Poison was found on Lucan, forcing the party to escape to protect their freedom.

Will the party convince them of their innocence and uncover the reason for murder? Or will they fall into the hands of an evil far more powerful than Royal Guard? To be continued… Dun duh DUHHH!


Inventman Inventman

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